About us

At Minix we design, build, sell and operate cutting edge vending machines for Souvenir Coins.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia we have a history in producing souvenirs starting from 1993. Our current products – specialised Vending Machines for souvenir coins – development started in 2011 and have gone through several stages from tuning the coin dispenser mechanics to implementing a fully digital Payment Solution.

The first vending machines we built operated with physical coins for payment, later a card terminal was added. Next we equipped them with a large touchscreen and came out with a brand new elegant chassis.

In 2022 we operate a network of several hundred nodes in the Baltics and Finland, all connected to a Web-based software platform that allows real-time monitoring of sales and inventory.

Our competences include:

  • design of the vending machine appearance
  • design of the souvenir coins
  • hardware design and mechanics
  • metal works, painting
  • electric works and cabling
  • setup and configuration of IT and networking equipment
  • software design and programming
  • marketing and sales
  • business relations and partnerships